Dog days of fall

Meet my new friend, Tobias.
 He's a Leonberger, a breed named after the city in Germany.
It seems the town wanted a dog bred
to resemble the animal on its flag -- a lion!
Does he look lion-like to you?

Tobias is 180 pounds of pure snuggles and love.
Not surprisingly, he's a wonderful therapy dog.
His paws are bigger than my hands and he's quite fond of acorns.

He also enjoys checking out his good looks in a car window.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . . 
Ms. Charlotte had herself a little pout and took up residence exactly where I was trying to sit to get some work done.
She wasn't thrilled that I came home
with telltale kisses from Tobias on my face.

But in the end, her visit to the dog park got the better of her.

And everyone's resting now, except me.
But that's about to change.


Derrick said…
Good morning, Kathleen.

I think Tobias does look lionish in a Chinese temple lion/dog kind of way! He looks cute anyway. No wonder Charlotte was a little miffed!

Now, what about this photo meme you asked about. I suggested doing it one week today. Do you agree? Then we can send out the invites. Please let me know.
Sande said…
What a pussy cat .... ;}
steven said…
kathleen that dog is HUGE!!!! if it kissed you then i'd have to guess your whole head would be involved!!!!!! ha!! have a peaceful day. steven
Pyzahn said…
Perhaps Charlotte is love sick but didn't want to admit she was prey to Tobias' charm. She fell asleep to dream about him.

Both have very expressive eyes. Both make me want to coo and give belly rubs.
Joycee said…
Well, the coloring was right on Tobias and the size of a lion! Charlotte looks worn out...
Oh! He's beautiful...I miss Scout.
♥ Braja said…
I just love Charlotte's little tongue pokin' out there :))
J said…
He certainly has the mane of a Chinese Foo Dog/ temple guardian dog! Gorgous!
Alix said…
Augie sleeps with his tongue peeking out too.

And yes, Tobias looks remotely like a lion - mostly in those mammoth paws, but his face has the sweet look of a St Bernard. Kinda sorta. I love him though. I'd totally snuggle with him!
Rudee said…
Tobias is beautiful. Those paws are amazing!
ellen abbott said…
Tobias looks like a big softie to me.
Mimi said…
Tobias looks more like a lamb than a lion! He's gorgeous.
Janie said…
Tobias has beautiful eyes in that first photo. No wonder he enjoys admiring himself. Glad Charlotte got over her pique and has forgiven you!
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
What a GREAT nap partner he would make!!! ♥♥♥
Kathleen said…
DERRICK!!! I just realized that I've been replying to you via e-mail but I don't think they ever get to you because you don't have an email address in your profile -- at least I think that's why. For heaven's sake, I've been doing this for sometime!!! I feel like a dolt!!!

Feel free to email me directly. My address is in my profile.

Here's what I emailed this morning:
Oh, brave Derrick!! You accepted! I love you all the more now, if that's even possible! =;^D

Yes! Let's do the 21st.

I suppose we need to get our invitations posted today, no?

Thoughts on how to word it?

Couple ideas --

"Give us your worst shot"

"We dare you!"

"Nobody's perfect. So prove it!"

Shall we give our kind readers a chance to post the better shot, too?

This will be devilishly fun!!!!

Gaston Studio said…
He's gorgeous but 180 lbs? Wow! Love Charlotte's tongue too. Sorry Braja, had to ditto that.
Fine Life Folk said…
Tobias does look a bit lion-ish to me. I just had my new pet puppy, a Japanese Spitz, last weekend. Dogs are, indeed, good for domestic therapy.

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