"I am not interested in shooting new things --
I am interested in seeing new things."
~ Ernst Haas, photographer

My dear friend Natalie introduced me to Parabolaan extraordinary and beautiful magazine.
I found the above quote on an e-mail announcing the next issue.
The Fall 2011 issue is devoted to "the critical act of seeing. I find that a very fine idea. 

May we all see today what the camera lens sees,
free of bias and unburdened by judgement.

Image: "Parachute Flowers" by Ernst Haas


Mimi said…
Beautiful post Kathleen. The picture is stunning.
I think we miss most of the beauty that surrounds us each day, but even thinking about that quote will make me see new things today.
steven said…
kathleen it's so difficult to see beyond what is so intensely there. sometimes i'm able to pass through the skin of this world and see. it's overwhelming. there's no secret to it. it's about being available and quieting all the noise inside your head. this is a beautiful photograph. steven
LB said…
Wunderbar!!! (Hope Mr. B is back to seeing well.) Kudos to Shannon's caring ways with dogs.
Rudee said…
That's an absolutely beautiful photo.
Janie said…
Seeing things clearly, as they really are, is so important in photography and in life. In truth, I think we bring our biases with us everywhere, but the more we can see through and around them, the more honest we can be with ourselves and others.
Shannon Miller said…
What a gorgeous photo, and as usual, gorgeous thoughts behind it. I find photography meditative in that it forces us to slow down, take in - see. Excellent concept, eh?

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