Keeping an eye on things

The ever-watchful Miss Cora

Meanwhile, back at the 44th Street Accidental Microkennel . . . 

Mr. B is doing well following emergency surgery Saturday morning to reattach the retina in his left eye.

We'll know more about his prognosis in about 10 days. He did have a bit of scarring on the retina, which means it had been detached a bit longer than optimal and could complicate full recovery. But we're hoping for the best!

He's quite the sleepyhead, which is good, because rest is always good for healing, yes?

And here he is, the ole pirate himself, in white . . .

See the lovely green wristband? That's a heads-up to any healthcare providers (dentists, in particular) that Mr. B has a gas bubble in his eye. Yep, a gas bubble. That's what keeps everything nicely tucked into place while the retina heals. But it would be a very bad thing for Mr. B to have a dose of nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) right now. As I understand, the addition of extra gas into his body could expand the bubble quite beyond comfort!

Here's hoping your retinas stay nice and fixed! But if you should happen to notice a larger-than-normal number of floaters speckling your vision or see flashes or sparks or feel as though a window shade has been pulled down over a part of your vision, please know that such symptoms constitute an emergency. Posthaste, get yourself to a doctor.

We'll all sleep better if you do.

Cora does her ever-loving best to keep an eye (her blue one, not her brown one) on Mr. B -- and rest.

Whilst Charlotte (left) and Ginsberg (right) think resting is a silly idea when the humans are otherwise preoccupied!

May your week be full of great vision!


steven said…
please wish mr. b well. i can see that it'll be a while before he totally recovers but then he'll see what we've been seeing all along. steven
Gaston Studio said…
Two adorable faces, for sure! Here's wishing Mr. B total "seeing" capabilities.
Rudee said…
I wish Mr. B well on his road to recovery.
ellen abbott said…
Several years ago (more than five, less than 10) I was getting those flashes in the corner of one eye. Went to the eye doc. Retina wasn't detaching, I forget now what he said about it. Must have healed itself cause it hasn't happened in enough years for mew to forget how long. He did find two tiny pinholes in my retina though he didn't seem too concerned about it.
Janie said…
I hope the healing progresses well. I see Mr. B. has lots of eyes watching over him.
Suldog said…
No extra gas in the body? Be sure to not feed Mr. B any baked beans for dinner!

Here's wishing a speedy recovery!

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