Morning has broken

A few images from my visit to Lake Harriet at 5 am Wednesday  . . . so peaceful.

. . . . .

And this little bit of verse downloaded itself soon after I took these shots. I haven't a clue what it means,  so if you do, please let me know.

Lift your eyes at dawn

Lift your eyes
from your sleep soft face
The pale petal of dawn
washes the shore but briefly

waiting for no one.

The beloved
sweetly raises the veil
for a kiss.
O, wise one,

you already know what to do
Open the window
and begin

Kathleen Kimball-Baker 2011

May you begin  your day in peace . . .


Tabor said…
Beautiful peaceful morning.
Hilary said…
So beautiful.. the images and words.
steven said…
the beginning of a day is like the unwrapping of a gift. thankyou for sharing such a beautiful one! steven
Janie said…
Beautiful dawn photos, and lots of nice word images in the poem. I like the "sleep soft face" and the "pale petal of dawn."
Jinksy said…
Your words mean exactly what you said - what's the problem with them? *smiles* The dawn of a new day is always beautiful...

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