Move, move, move

I love how uninhibited young kids are, often expressing themselves with crazy gestures and wriggly bodies.

Sometimes I think how fun it would be to twirl and skip and wave my arms around just because someone said something that made me happy. Or, to throw myself on the floor, scream, and kick because I couldn't have my way.

When does that freedom expression change? When do we get so self-conscious that we suck our expressions back inside, leaving only the vestige of our former selves in the lack of a "poker face."

I have friends who can't talk without waving their hands about, and I love that about them. And I know it really helps me to rub my hands on my face when I'm tired, or sad, or frustrated.

But I'm pretty sure I'd be considered a lunatic if I threw myself on the ground and sobbed because my favorite cafe just ran out of the soup of the day.

So I was delighted to see Bobby McFerrin's wonderful video "Opportunity," I just love how he puts his whole body into his music. And while I know full well he sings acapella, I swear it didn't really sink in till midway through this piece that not a single instrument but his voice and body supplied the sound track.


Image by mayercolin


Moannie said…
We have no inhibitions as children, only when we become aware of ourselves, our bodies, the sounds we make do we control those feelings of wanting to abandon ourselves.

Singer is new to it a lot.
Jinksy said…
That's what I call living music! lol...thanks for posting it! ♥
Mimi said…
Oh wouldn't it be such fun to lie on the floor of a cafe, kicking and screaming!
Smiling at the very thought!
Suldog said…
I think McFerrin is wonderful.

Yes, we tend to lose that freedom somewhere. What a shame. It wouldn't be a great world if we all threw tantrums day in and day out, of course, but a little bit of loosening up would be nicer.
Hilary said…
So true. I'm not so sure I'd want to witness too many adult tantrums but jumping for joy might be nice. Bobby McFerrin is one nice looking guy. Jumping for joy, here. ;)
texwisgirl said…
he's such a talent, and is not afraid to express himself. love it.

thanks for this, and congrats on your POTW!
steven said…
adults are faced with that dilemma as they leave behind the childish and struggle to retain the childlike. being considerate in your actions begins with accountability to yourself but it's often contradicted by accountability to the perceptions of others. i say, those who truly love you will always understand you! steven
Snappy Di said…
He is nice to listen to and WONDERFUL to see... very pleasing to the eye.

Congrats on your POTW!

silly rabbit said…
I think our parents and teachers train it out of us... then we grow up and do the same. It is a shame.
But I still do a little hop skip when I feel happy just for the fun of it and I still hit the swings when I can, to remember that sense of joy and freedom.
Congratulations on your POTW!
Barb said…
Hi Kathleen, I can imagine children joining Bobby McFerrin on stage during his joyful performance. My Grandchildren would in an instant! But, you're right - I would hang back, unsure that I could/should participate. I wish spontaneity would last longer than it does. Wonderful silhouette! Congratulations on POTW!
Sure would get everyone's attention if you threw a tantrum about soup :)
Janie said…
The silhouette of the cavorting kids really captures the joy and energy of youth. Very nice!
lailani said…
Ahhh, to have no inhibitions. Well maybe ;) But I agree, it would be fun to let loose and express joy or sorrow more expressively! Great post!

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