A walk on the tame side

Up again early, and peace gardens at Lake Harriet whispered an invitation.

I accepted. These were the favors . . .

Stripes capture my attention first

Bonus! More stripes

My, but the bees were so busy I could scarcely get them into focus

There, that's a little better

The remains of some kind of steampunk bottlecap head marionette?

Had this been under water, I would have thought it was coral

The wind up . . .

. . . and spinning like a Sufi (though all was perfectly still)
As I detoured into a little thicket of woods, the light takes my breath away

A shaft of sunlight pierces through the foliage

And is soon expands

Sacred geometry awaits, back in the garden

in the company of blushing petals

And the bees keep up their morning work

The world is waking up

And showing off its true colors

Did I hear the sound of Om?

Angles of beauty are everywhere

And startling contrasts

Nature's plaid

Lovely layers of light

And the bees are still hard at work. Thank you, bees!

Yes, it's a good morning.


Janie said…
You found so much beauty in your early morning walk. I always want to snap photos of everything when I'm outside at dawn. I just love how the light makes the world looks fresh and everything unique to that particular day and time.
Rudee said…
Those sites and the angle of the sun make getting up early seem worthwhile. Of course, the venue seems to help tremendously.

Nice photos of the bees in action.
Tess Kincaid said…
Oh oh oh. What a treat. I wanted to choose a favorite, but couldn't. They are all glorious.
Hilary said…
All very beautiful captures, K.. but Nature's Plaid is a heart-stopper. Beautiful.
LB said…
Just catching up, gorgeous images all week!

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