'In the wee small hours of the morning . . .'

All quiet on the western front (of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, 6 blocks from house)
5:30 am Saturday.

I'm dressed to work out. I quietly close the door behind me so as not to wake anyone else up and walk to my car. It's light outside and I happen to look up. A delicious glow from the east is warming up the edges of the oak trees' leaves.

And I think to myself, Oh my, the light is perfect for a visit to the lake.

Exercising will have to wait. Beauty is in the forecast for the next hour.

Here's what I found . . .

A cluster of brushy softness

Mellow grasses

Nature's version of fireworks

What my hair must look like right now

What could almost be called jewelry

The color my mother loved most in roses

So much like cotton candy, I almost wanted to eat it!

"Good morning, dear"

New openings

Rise and shine!

"Social" climbers

Sweet heart

Ready to open

A wabi sabi rose

The color of my best friend's room, when I was in first grade

A blaze of summer

Sweet, freckled beauty

May delicious beauty be in your forecast this week!


steven said…
kathleen thanks for sharing this beautiful and breathtaking series of photographs. i laughed when i read you make your choice between exercise and beauty. it often is one or the other and the results are always worth it aren't they! steven
Can almost smell the early morning air...:>)
Rudee said…
I love seeing nature through your camera's eye. Gorgeous.
Suldog said…
This was exercise for your soul. IMHO, much more gratifying and important.
Kathleen said…
Steven: True. Which is one reason why I adore mushing. I get 'em both!

DBST: I like that!

Rudee: Thank you SO much. You give me reason to keep on snapping and posting!

Suldog: You are SO right! It's quite meditative, and necessary!
Janie said…
Dawn light provides the best photos. The beauty of your morning definitely came through in all of your photos.

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