Safe. And found.

She was shelling peas,
apron-covered knees
spread wide to catch
each pea/each pod

I, shaky, needy
wandered near

Her ancient swollen hands
pushed back the hair
that hid my face

She set down the pan,
and, patting her knee,

oh, child
come on up here
and let me have a look at you

Her voice was safe and so was I
sitting in the lap of God.

The Lap of God 
by Mary Popson

. . .

A couple weeks ago I was invited to speak to a group of people
about some things I learned during
The Year of the Sledgehammer.
My dear, sweet friend Sherry sent me this poem today
with the following message:
"You recently reminded me of this poem when you spoke. . . so here it is."

. . .

One of the greatest gifts I received in 2005
was something my head could not grasp,
but my heart would come to understand,
that beyond my ken
is the most wondrous existence
of benevolence,
which I choose to call
The Great Unknowable
and, sometimes,

Thank you, Sherry, for your inextinguishable light.
You have so often illuminated my path.

image by Sukanto Debnath


steven said…
hello kathleen! mary's writing is lovely and a generous gift to receive!!! steven
Tess Kincaid said…
Oh, this is wonderful. It reminds me how safe I felt with my grandmother, just like the lap of God.
Lydia said…
Such a beautiful post.
I thought about you and Ginsberg this week when I watched this local outdoor show and the feature was Mush Puppies!
Barb said…
To rest and feel safe is the greatest of gifts. We are all still learning, Kathleen. That photo is also a wonderful celebration of life well lived. Happy spring.
Uncle KT said…
Thanks Kathleen, your posts always make me think...and most importantly they make me feel.
LB said…
Great gift indeed, God's grace. ppppublic speaking ... you'd be great at giving a toast then. I'm sure it was an amazing heartfelt presentation.

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