Mi Corazon

"Within your heart, keep one still, secret place where dreams may go."
~ Louise Driscoll

In the darkest before the dawn,
my eyes not yet open,
my thoughts driftless from
a night of little sleep

awareness slowly awakens.

My fingers are buried in a dense
darkness of quiet and calm.
I don't know when this happened,
but my mystery dog has settled
her silky self alongside me.

This is rare.

I remember when I taught her to play.
I had never done such a thing.
I thought all dogs knew how to play.
But not my Corazon.
I cannot imagine what force or person or circumstance
removed her joy

She stops traffic sometimes,
with her looks, not her antics.
People ask:

"What kind of dog is she?"
I don't know, really.
"How old is she?"
I don't know, really.

These things don't matter. Really

She came to me during grief,
and she had her own,
and in our becoming acquainted
we taught each other


Hilary said…
Oh that's beautiful. What an incredible bond. And those eyes!
steven said…
my dad often told me that living things cross our path for a purpose and that while we might create the purpose, the true purpose would always be there, visible in the flower, the eyes, the actions. lucky gifted you. steven
ellen abbott said…
you needed and healed each other.
Joanna said…
A lovely tribute to your dear Cora.
LB said…
unselfish loyalty and benevolence. another book-worthy post! love the spring and dog photos.
Janie said…
Corazon is such a beautiful name. The poem is a great tribute to her. It sounds as if you appreciate each others love very much.
Mary said…
Isn't it true that the ones that need the most of our help are the ones that we bond tightest with? Cora and you are fortunate to have found each other!
Kathleen said…
@Hilary: Thank you! I know you understand the love of a dog. And I never cease to be amazed at the bond yo form so naturally with animals in the wild. Thanks so much for the visit!
Kathleen said…
@Steven: Oh my, you had such a wise father who clearly imparted some extraordinary wisdom to you. Talk about being gifted! Thank you so much for the visit.
Kathleen said…
@Ellen: So true, so true. How lucky can one girl be? Thanks so much for stopping by, Ellen. I'm looking forward to catching up with you again. It's been SOOOO long!
Kathleen said…
@Joanna: My sweet mystery dog is such a blessing. All my pups are. I feel so fortunate that Mr. B is kind enough to make room in his heart for them, too! So kind of you to visit, Joanna! Thank you!
Kathleen said…
@LB: I couldn't agree more! You put it so perfectly, too: benevolence and loyalty! Thank you so much for visiting. And did I ever thank you for the wonderful Beargrease letter. I just about cried when I opened it. No one has ever done that for me. You are SO considerate. And thank you so much for the visit!
Kathleen said…
@Janie: I'm so glad you like her name. We had the hardest time naming her, then my eldest suggested Corazon, and we've shortened it to Cora over the years. It's good to remember her real name, because, truly, she is my heart. Lovely of you to visit, Janie. Can't wait to see what adventures you've been on of late!
Kathleen said…
@Mary: WOW! So cool to see you show up here, neighbor! Yes, your words are so true. Haven't seen you 'round the hood of late. Hope we run into you soon. Ginsberg will be neutered on Tuesday. :( Silly, but I feel bad for the fella.
Erin Davis said…
Lovely to see you in the blogosphere, and what a lovely, lovely tribute to this dog. Before I had dogs, I didn't really "get it," but you've captured her and "it" so well!

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