Gin'ess the Menace: ACTION!

Little Miss Chinook
First, meet glamorgrrl Chinook (above). You'll see her in action in a sec.

Below is a "trailer" from a video I'm editing about the blast I had mushing this season.

Ginsberg is on the right and Chinook (who I want with all my heart but can't have just yet) is on the left. Chinook is a dream dog. She's 3/4ths Alaskan Husky and 1/4th Pointer, with very fine manners. My friend, Maggie Heilmann, a fast mid-distance racer from just over the River in Wisconsin, let me borrow Chinook for a week.

Miss Chinook, 6, just retired from Maggie's race team. She's run Minnesota's John Beargrease sled dog race and is a wisp of a thing -- all muscle, heart, and big brown eyes, weighing in around 45 pounds. She did an excellent job training Ginsberg and yours truly. She's very patient, and knows how to pace herself. Unlike, Gin'ess the Menace, who was so smitten with Chinook, he boisterously ran full tilt and couldn't contain his affection for this fast girl. (Check out the love nips action).

Without further ado . . .

Ginsberg couldn't keep his paws off Chinook, so I crated her to give the poor girl a break!
Chinook consents to a kiss
"Hmmm...he's a little young, but I do like his baby blues."

"Wow, she's my brown-eyed cougar, I mean, girl."

Stay tuned . . .


steven said…
sweet! i love the sledding clip especially. i got to ride a sled pulled by a heap of dogs a few years ago and it was stunning to be that low to the ground moving at that speed and to look ahead and see dogs..... steven
ellen abbott said…
thanks for the smiles.
Rudee said…
Like any boy around a new girl, he appears particularly enthusiastic. He'll woo her yet.

Great video!
LB said…
Usually it's the romantic comedies I love, but this trailer and photos, can't wait for this action romance to debut! Neat music and wonderful narrative quotes.
Erin Davis said…
OK--That video is awesome. I think I get why you love it so much!
Cute pups! I love the one with the deep blue eyes! I want one someday!

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