Easter blessings

"The miraculous is not extraordinary
but the common mode of existence.
It is our daily bread.
Whoever considered lilies of the field
or birds of the air
and pondered the improbability
of their existence in this warm world 
with the cold and empty stellar distances
will hardly balk at the
turning of water into wine--
which was, after all,
a very small miracle.
We forget the greater
and still continuing miracle by
which water (with soil and sunlight)
is turned to grapes

~ Wendell Berry

Image 1 by puliaf
Image 2 by lugarzen


steven said…
wendell's words have often appeared when i most need them to remind me of the deep and rich fortune i share in living on this planet. (by the way - flip the "a" for an "e" in his last name so if people wanna look deeper they'll go after the right guy!!!) happy easter egg hunting. steven
Kathleen said…
Thank you SO much, Steven. I just had a nagging feeling after I posted it that I'd popped the wrong vowel in Much appreciated! And I'm delighted Wendell BErry speaks to you!
LB said…
Easter Blessings to you! Pondering every leaf in springtime.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful words to remind us of the perpetual astonishment of being alive! Great photos too.
Joanna said…
Oh I just love that Wendell Berry. And the photos are perfect. Thanks Kathleen.

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