What scheme is Ginsberg hatching now?

Mr. B sent me a text message Monday just as the plane I had boarded was about to take off.

Mr. B: Guess who figured out how to get out of the house?

Me: Just tell me you found him.

Mr. B: I found him.

Me: OK, now you can tell me how.


I decided not to tempt fate, and 3 hours later I got the answer: Ginsberg, my 4-month-old Alaskan Husky pup had figured out how to open the front door.

I suspect he learned quite by accident. He's big enough now to leap up and look outside the front door window, and he's particularly prone to do so if someone he adores is outside, which is pretty much everyone.

But a part of me thought it was just a fluke, a one-time episode. Until tonight.

My sweet pup, Charlotte, who is mightily (and hopelessly) vying for 2nd place in the pack, was giving me the old hang-dog look after I returned from walking all 3. Sucker that I am, I decided she needed a little extra attention and that I should give her another spin around the block. I let Ginsberg and Cora (reigning alpha dog) back in the house, closed the front door, and off we went.

Upon my return home, my heart sank. The front door was wide open. The two left behind were nowhere in sight. Ginsberg, it seems, had just scored more 2nd-place points with Cora by opening the door so they could both enjoy a "free" run. 

Fortunately, the story has a happy ending. After calling his name cheerfully (as we learned in puppy kindergarten) for 5 minutes, he came bounding toward me soaking wet from  somewhere down the street. One runaway captured.

They do love their free runs!

Mr. B had gone the other direction calling Cora's name. And out of nowhere, the big hairy beast came dashing up, plumage of a tail wagging, tongue hanging from her grinning face. 

The pack is reunited now, and I have learned not to underestimate what I have been told over and over and over again by musher after musher:

Alaskan Huskies are notorious escape artists.

Is it possible he could learn to open a dead-bold? 

For now, all I can say is WHEW!
Always looking for Cora's approval

 Plumb tuckered out: Ginsberg & Charlotte


steven said…
just don't leave the keys lying around!!! a great story with a happy (thankfully) ending! steven
Derrick said…
Maybe you could train him to put the trash out?!
Oh my gosh, they are so sweet and innocent looking! I wish I lived in your neighborhood so at least when they got free they could run over to see ME. :-)
becky said…
I've heard that about huskies being escape artists. Better start locking the door! He's getting so big... and just as adorable as ever! They're all beautiful! That pic of Ginsberg & Charlotte is so sweet!
Hilary said…
A friend of mine had an Alaskan Husky who escaped constantly. She lived in three different homes with him and in each case, he got to know the neighbours long before she did. They're amazing critters. Ginsberg is such a beauty as are his canine siblings. Time to invest in childproof locks.. though I wouldn't put it past him to figure them out before too long.
ellen abbott said…
But he's just so adorable! And will definitely keep you on your toes.
Janie said…
What a cute pup! You might consider changing his name to Houdini!
Like father, like son :)

That last picture is just soooooooo freaking cute! I miss him, and wish he could have joined Amanda, Bolt (Tempest), Kerouac and Lucy tonight during our puppy play date.

Kiss him for me - with love from his first human mommy and his doggy mama. We miss Gins!
Rudee said…
That's one clever pup. You obviously have your hands full! Good luck.
Poetikat said…
Oh my goodness, they are gorgeous! Escape artist, indeed.

I love that name, Ginsberg. Is it after the poet and HOWL? Ha ha!

Suldog said…
Love the final photo. So relaxed.
Katie said…
Wow, I would have had a heart attack a few times over if I had lived out that story. Glad to hear that all of the dogs are back. I love to hear about their antics!
Barb said…
A great story with a thankfully happy ending! You should have named him Houdini!

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