Calling all hopeless romantics . . .

Picture in your mind's eye the ever-delightful radio show, A Prairie Home Companion

Now, zoom back in time about 90 years.

White-washed houses . . . hard-working bachelor farmers . . . green hills . . . fields of corn . . . immigrants from Europe facing hard times . . . a world war . . . suspicions of "others" who are "different"

Such is the setting for a movie I simply can't get out of my mind. It's, well, sweet. But not in a sappy way. It's just plain lovely.

I'm talking about Sweet Land, a movie adapted from a short story written by Will Weaver, someone I had the privilege of hearing deliver the commencement address when RockStar son graduated from the University of Minnesota-Morris last year.

Here's a quote from the director:


Sweet Land tells the story of Inge Altenberg, a German mail-order bride sent to Minnesota in the paranoid and nationalistic days following the First World War to meet her future husband, Olaf, a Norwegian bachelor farmer. After hurdling the obstacles laid out for them by the government, the church and the community, they finally get together in the same house and Inge cooks for Olaf. As he enjoys the meal that is apparently unlike anything he has ever experienced,he asks,“Is this German food” 

Inge replies, “No, just food.” 


Love builds slowly in this film, but quietly, tenderly, and awkwardly it gathers the kind of strength that ultimately transcends the often-unchallenged barriers that separate us even today. 

It's a small-budget film that uses its constraints to its advantage.

I found it sumptuous.

Inge would say it's "just food."

You be the judge. 


Lydia said…
I agree with you on all counts! It is one I saw on the shelf at our local video rental store a couple of years ago and picked up on a whim. I recognized the actress as one who was in a bit part on Grey's Anatomy at the time.

My husband and I absolutely adored this movie. It's not fair that it hasn't become known far and wide, because it has so much to offer our lives. That sounds sappy, but I know that you know what I am talking about.

For awhile after that they kept Sweet Land stocked along the wall where the main traffic flows. I made a point of bursting out to strangers nearby, "This is a great movie!" while pointing at Sweet Land. I don't know if I ever sold anyone on it but I sure tried.

I hope your post draws more people to the movie.
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

Sounds as if it could have been written yesterday in many respects. I shall try to remember it. Love that wide prairie sky in the last shot.
Hilary said…
It sounds like you found a little gem. I'll have to keep this one in mind. Thanks :)
steven said…
kathleen thanks so much for this lovely review pointing the way to an evening's delight for me some time in the near future. steven
ellen abbott said…
Sounds like the kind of movie I would enjoy. thanks.
becky said…
Thanks for the tip Kathleen... I'm probably the most hopeless romantic of them all~ I'll check it out.
Anonymous said…
Jingle said…
insightful and encouraging!
you rock!
Anonymous said…
看到你的好文章真是開心 加油囉.......................................
Janie said…
I'm definitely in the "hopeless romantic" category, so I'm sure I'd love this film. I'll look for it.
I recently spent some time in Rochester, MN and thought about you. Spring there is lovely, much greener than here.

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