Birthday girl

The beauties: niece Lauren, birthday girl Erin, niece Taylor

I met her a few times before she came into my life.
She was quiet and beautiful and mysterious.
She was the answer to my prayers.
I'd been a "lone" for 10 years.
My mother brought her home while I was in school.
I could think of nothing else.
I pedaled my no-speed bike home as fast as my skinny legs allowed that day.
My mother was tenderly feeding her fruit cocktail as she sat in the thrift-store high chair.
Her eyes like saucers as I burst through the door.
Her eyes have always been like saucers.
That night she sang herself to sleep in her crib.
Her crib, so close by my single bed.
I didn't sleep much.
I watched through the darkness.
I listened through the darkness.
I loved through the darkness.
My sister.


Oh, Kathleen, how beautiful.
Suldog said…
Happy Birthday to Erin!!!
becky said…
Lovely words, lovely ladies! Happy birthday to Erin!
Hilary said…
Lovely. Happy Birthday, Erin. :)
Derrick said…
Beautiful declaration, Kathleen!
Mimi said…
Beautiful words of love for your sister. Happy Birthday Erin!
Janie said…
What a lovely tribute to your sister. I hope she had a wonderful birthday!
♥ Braja said…

Sorry about Thelonious....xo

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