Remember this guy?

The Ent that caught my eye last year at the dog park

I was just making my way through my blog roll and discovered that a photo I took made it into one of the funniest blogs I follow: Faces in Places. I feel so, well, special now!

If you haven't checked out this blog, you simply must! I swear it'll change your world view.

I see faces EVERYWHERE now. I kid you not.

This one's not the best shot, but it still cracks me up (and yes, I am easily entertained). I saw it just outside the bunkhouse where I go mushing.

Easter Island meets the Northwoods of Minnesota

Do let me know when you start seeing "faces in places," too, won't you?


Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

I wonder if that ring through the nose could catch on?!
Anonymous said…
Oh, I love seeing faces everywhere! That tree is a hoot!
ellen abbott said…
Oh I see them all the time. Especially when I was canoeing all the time in the rock cliffs and canyon walls.
Rudee said…
I love that photo of your very own, Treebeard.
becky said…
I, too am easily entertained... faces, letters, hearts... it's fun to see something different in the "ordinary" I checked out that link~ too fun!
That's hilarious! I did a photo study on "faces in strange places" and I failed miserably at it because I just don't see faces anywhere. Or hearts. I suck.

BUT YOU DON'T! Congrats!!!!
Alex the Girl said…
Love the "ent." He's either poking out his tongue, or he's someone's really old paw paw that has a huge under bite, and has forgotten to put his dentures on which causes his tongue to slide out of his mouth and push against his tongue which in turn makes him look like he's a member of some African tribe that places big tubes in the bottom of his lip! Great shots, Kath. I see faces everywhere I go.
Janie said…
I checked out Faces in Places. Your photo fits right in!
It really does remind me of an Easter Island totem pole.
信定 said…
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Brian Miller said…
ha. love the easter island guy...i see him.
Suldog said…
I often see faces in things, but I had no idea there was an entire website devoted to such stuff. Thanks for the link!

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