Thursday, June 30, 2011

A walk on the tame side

Up again early, and peace gardens at Lake Harriet whispered an invitation.

I accepted. These were the favors . . .

Stripes capture my attention first

Bonus! More stripes

My, but the bees were so busy I could scarcely get them into focus

There, that's a little better

The remains of some kind of steampunk bottlecap head marionette?

Had this been under water, I would have thought it was coral

The wind up . . .

. . . and spinning like a Sufi (though all was perfectly still)
As I detoured into a little thicket of woods, the light takes my breath away

A shaft of sunlight pierces through the foliage

And is soon expands

Sacred geometry awaits, back in the garden

in the company of blushing petals

And the bees keep up their morning work

The world is waking up

And showing off its true colors

Did I hear the sound of Om?

Angles of beauty are everywhere

And startling contrasts

Nature's plaid

Lovely layers of light

And the bees are still hard at work. Thank you, bees!

Yes, it's a good morning.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


"The store was closed so I went home and hugged what was mine."

~ Brooks Palmer

Monday, June 27, 2011

'In the wee small hours of the morning . . .'

All quiet on the western front (of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, 6 blocks from house)
5:30 am Saturday.

I'm dressed to work out. I quietly close the door behind me so as not to wake anyone else up and walk to my car. It's light outside and I happen to look up. A delicious glow from the east is warming up the edges of the oak trees' leaves.

And I think to myself, Oh my, the light is perfect for a visit to the lake.

Exercising will have to wait. Beauty is in the forecast for the next hour.

Here's what I found . . .

A cluster of brushy softness

Mellow grasses

Nature's version of fireworks

What my hair must look like right now

What could almost be called jewelry

The color my mother loved most in roses

So much like cotton candy, I almost wanted to eat it!

"Good morning, dear"

New openings

Rise and shine!

"Social" climbers

Sweet heart

Ready to open

A wabi sabi rose

The color of my best friend's room, when I was in first grade

A blaze of summer

Sweet, freckled beauty

May delicious beauty be in your forecast this week!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

31 years ago today . . .

. . . Mr. B and I tied the knot!

The Honeymooners, 1980

Happy Summer Solstice
and 31-year Anniversary, Mr. B!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

which father?

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[caveat: this is not a happy post, but it is a true one]
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I tend to fill empty spaces with fathers.

Before the empty spaces there was *Daddy*
scary. angry. funny. strict. beer breath. cigarette staleness. "i'll spank you if you ride your trike without a top on i don't care how hot it is." [to myself: "i will be perfect. i will never do anything wrong ever again. no one will ever spank me because they won't have a reason. i will be perfect."] mommy crying. mommy can't hear out of her ear anymore because he hit her too hard. "i am not a babysitter." "i love you darlin'."call me dr. kimball" [to myself: i am not good enough."] "here's a check for $1,000. you must use it carefully. please consider eloping." i know he loved me, yes, but he is gone now.

Then there was **Uncle Simon**
frenchman. martinique. red boat call *carribe*. fishing in the gulf of mexico. funny. teasing. laughter. easy. yummy steaks. cigarettes but not so stale. diplomatic license plates. park anywhere we want. red wine on ice. endive. salad after dinner. french and english and spanish at the dinner table. interesting guests from around the world. i sit with the grownups. loves me. likes me. kiddotheweimamaar with soft fur and gray eyes. drives me places. books. books. books. photography class together. buys me minolta slr. loves me. i am not afraid. i love him. [to myself: he is not like *Daddy*.] goes too soon.

And then, ***Father Moudry***
this is what all priests should be like. i meet him once and he always remembers my name. and my children's' names. "we are sorry for any bad things happened. you are welcome back." everyone is welcome here. every sermon is spellbinding. so humble. so wise. not scary. makes me think. loves me. helps me understand complicated things. please don't retire. [to myself: "what will i do now?"]

And then there is *****Ron*****
everything a father should be. funny. smart. kind. gentle. teacher. builds things with wood. gardens. goes on adventures. looks at me. listens. sees the good. really knows me. encourages me. believes in me. likes to go out to eat breakfast tacos. can speak in spanish. sees me as smart. likes me. likes my company. others love him. takes care of himself. "yes, i have considered your request and i will "adopt" you." my other father now. he is perfect. my heart swells. ilovelovelovelovelovehim.  cancer. [to myself: nononononono not him. he's the one.]

In between
atticus finch. mentors. teachers. imagination.

And now
empty again. position open until filled. [to myself: maybe am i too old now to fill the fatherspace?] do i still need one? i want one. at least i am not alone.
and i am good at hope.
i can hope
i hope.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

5 am - Lake Harriet - Minneapolis

"Look to this day.
For it is life, the very life of life
In its brief course lie all the
verities and realities of your existence

the bliss of growth,

the glory of action

the splendor of beauties

For yesterday is but a dream and
tomorrow is only a vision,
but today well lived makes
every yesterday a dream of happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day.
Such is the salutation of the dawn."

~ Rumi

Monday blessings to you . . .


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