On my sled -- at long last!!!
Cora (l) and Ginsberg (r) in harness; Charlotte running alongside, on leash

 Mr. B's first ride EVER!

And lo and behold, Ms. Charlotte joins in -- as LEAD dog!!!


steven said…
ultra cool!!! steven
Finding Pam said…
How wonderful that you finally got to hook the dogs up to the sled. It looks like so much fun. Charlotte! You go girl.
Barb said…
I'm so glad you're all well enough (including the dogs!) to enjoy sledding. Have a great time!
Derrick said…
I know you're trying to make us jealous but I'm still happy you had a good time!
becky said…
Adorable pics! You & Mr B look so HAPPY!!
Janie said…
This looks like so much fun!
That is such a fantastic photo of Randy!!

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