A giant 'sand' box


We're digging our way out of a big snow dump. Yesterday, we had near white-out conditions. 

But today . . . well . . . it was heavenly!

And it occurred to me that part of why I adore winter and snow
is that the world turns into one big "sand" box and asks:
 "Can Kathleen come out and play?"

It's always best if I answer,
"Why yes!"

Luminaria lit by the sunlight, spotted on my walk this morning
Sunbathing, Minnesota style
Charlotte's first trip back to the dog park since she broke her leg during The Great Escape.

The pack  breaks trail up a hill: Cora (through muscle), Gins (by leaps and bounds), Charlotte (via pure scrappiness and heart)

Taking the hill in live action!

Surrounded by beauty--and love
Heaven, complete with "angels"
If you find your "sand" box this week, may you, too, decide to answer,
"Why, yes!"

Images by Mr. B


steven said…
kathleen - for sure! i really enjoyed the photographs and especially the video clip. yesterday we got plastered with snow and of course everyone was out building forts and snowpeople and of course it's all about play!!! thanks for reminding everyone to enjoy the world. steven
Unknown said…
Why yes, I've also found my personal sand box and loving every minute in it.
I see Charlotte is having no problems with that leg!
Rudee said…
Beautiful photos. I see your dogs are completely made for this weather.
Finding Pam said…
I adore the photos of you and your dogs. That was a lot of snow that you got. I am glad that you said "Yes".
Unknown said…
Nice to see the gang having a good time. I don't think I'd be able to say yes unless I bought a warm furry coat like yours!!
ellen abbott said…
I'm so glad you enjoy it. It looks quite scary to me.
Hilary said…
Now that's the way to enjoy winter. The dogs are wonderful. And I just love that second photo.
Barb said…
Hi Kathleen, You're having way too much fun and so are the pups! GOOD for you - I like the sunbathing quip! Hope you're feeling well and everyone has mended.
Joanna said…
Hi Kathleen,
Your dogs (and you) look like it's all just so much fun. It really makes me want to be there too. Glad Charlotte's ok. Happy snow days.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I do love the miracle of winter too. Such a gorgeous and uplifting post!
Like I say, if you are going to live in it, play hard.The ponds are icing over nice to skate soon.I am too remote for artifial rinks.
Anonymous said…
We could learn a lot from dogs and their "Joie de vivre."

Here via Hilary and her POTW
Christine said…
congrats on the potw

great shots! i love the round ice ball things???
Lori said…
Since I have lived in Minnesota for all of my life, I have learned to enjoy whatever the weather brings us here too. Looks like you and the dogs had a lot of snow fun. Congrats on POTW at Hilarys!
What Karen Sees said…
You really DO look like you are having fun in all that white stuff. I guess I need an attitude adjustment. I don't have much fun in it!!! Ha! Just found your fun blog and now I'm a 'follower'. I'll be back to visit again soon, and I invite you to visit me too!!
Tabor said…
A little late to the comment party...but congrats on your POTW. You make winter look like fun.

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