'O nobly born . . .'

". . . o nobly born,
when thy body and mind
were separating,
thou must have experienced
a glimpse of the Pure Truth,
subtle, sparkling, bright dazzling,
glorious, and radiantly awesome,
in appearance like a mirage
moving across a landscape
in spring-time
in one continuous
stream of vibrations.
Be not daunted thereby,
nor terrified,
nor awed.

That is the radiance
of thine own true nature.

Recognize it."

~ From The Tibetan Book of the Dead
Image by tanakawho


"If you will keep my secret,
and never tell a soul,
then you may come and dance
with me on nights when the moon is whole."

From The Dancing Tiger by Malachy Doyle
Illustrations by Steven Johnson and Lou Fancher


Wondrous, luminous beloved friend,
may you dance with the tiger on nights
when the moon is whole,
and whenever you wish.

I wish you peaceful passage . . . 

Renie Rae Howard
August 13, 1955 - December 29, 2009



Anonymous said…
I am so sorry!
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
The friendship must have been deep and full of love. Beautiful post for a beautiful friend.
steven said…
oh kathleen - this is such a loving tribute to someone who almost certainly received tremendous fortune in knowing you - and you in knowing her. i am so sorry. steven
ellen abbott said…
So sorry Kathleen. I know you loved her dearly.
♥ Braja said…
beautiful tribute.....
Suldog said…
My sincerest condolences on the loss of your friend's presence. However, as you hint at, she is taking passage to somewhere wonderful :-)
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry for your loss. :( Wishing your friend a peaceful passage. Wishing you comfort and joyous memories.

Erin Davis said…
Love and prayers to you and your friend's loved ones. Beautiful tribute.
Sarah said…
I found your page through the link on Renie's Caring Bridge site. What a beautiful thought and tribute to her. As another who was touched by her love, I send you mine now.

In peace,

Grace Albaugh said…
mmmmmmmm Kathleen.

Peaceful mmmmmmm with eyes closed.


Lydia said…
I am so sorry for your loss, Kathleen. Sympathy to you and her many friends and her family who loved her. She had a luminous smile.....I can see why you selected the image of the flower to post in this tribute.
Hilary said…
I'm so very sorry for the loss of your friend. My heart aches for you.
Beautiful thoughts and words for a beloved friend. I am so sorry for your loss.
malachy said…
May Renie continue to dance, and you with her, Kathleen

Malachy Doyle
Mimi said…
Kathleen, I'm so sorry. I was just scrolling down your old posts, catching up on you.
Renie will always be with you, just a tiny veil separating you two now.
Your words here are so beautiful.

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