Cold . . . comfort

Image by Victius

Sun's coming up.
I'm returning from my walk with the girls.
It's cold. 
On such days, Charlotte is only too happy to go inside.
Not today.
She wants some front-yard time.
Cora and I follow her.
The top layer of snow is thin and crunchy as we step on it,
the girls with their four paws, me with two booted feet.

I can't resist.
I'm not dressed right for this.
Oh, who cares?

I lay myself down and feel the crunch give way to plush snow.
I love the sound, as if I were crumbling saltines.
Snow cradles my head with damp coolness,
and I look up at the sky as it lightens.
Fat white flakes filter through bare oak limbs
and land with little stings on my nose.

The girls cannot believe their luck.
Cora dives her face into layers of snow,
lifting little tufts up, grinning.
Sprinkles of whiteness dot her snout.
She is gloriously happy.
Charlotte digs.

Shouldn't I be colder?
Is this what it's like to be dead?
Not so bad, really.
But such an odd thought.
Odd, yet somehow comforting.
Analysis ends.

I try to make a snow angel
but the girls decide to wrestle
where I move my arms.
Their huffing sounds make me laugh.
What must the neighbors be thinking--
if any of then are up?

One moment of joy in a time of sorrow.





jinksy said…
Seems like the inner child came right up to the surface today!
Lydia said…
"The girls cannot believe their luck." What a perfect line in a beautiful post.
Catching up a bit here, and came by to wish you a peaceful New Years.
Kathleen said…
@Jinksy: Ha! You're right! And I am most grateful!
J said…
Dogs always seem to know when you need your spirits lifted. (And some cats too, although they don't like to admit it). I hope your sorrow lightens in the New Year.
Gail said…
You painted a beautiful picture with your words.
ellen abbott said…
Oh, Kathleen. What a beautiful picture, the photo and your words. She's not really gone you know (I know you know).

Happy and peaceful New Year.
steven said…
kathleen - a beautiful photograph and words that elevate it. it's the strangest thing that sorrow and little joys can hold hands. but they do. it's something i treasure as a little gift. the opportunity to remember joy when i am suffering. have a peaceful day. steven
willow said…
What a wonderful wintry piece. You know I love this!

Warmest, woolly wishes for a wonderful 2010~!
Barb said…
Hello Kathleen, Keep building those moments of joy. I hope you have many more of them in 2010. Happy New Year.
Hilary said…
I'm glad you find joy in the beauty which surrounds you. Those dogs know what you need.
Alix said…
Crunchy snow like crumbling saltines! I love it!

Happy new year my sweet friend. I wish lovely blessings and great joy for you in the coming year and always.
♥ Boomer ♥ said…
Tonight I am sitting in front of the fireplace, in between my "boys" -- Doc and Bubba. There is much contentment on this leather couch.

May the Lord bless and keep you in this new year. See you in 2010. ♥
This is an exquisite post in every way - your photo, your writing, you 'girls', and especially the layers of meaning you have imbedded in the words. Lovely.
Sydney said…
Pictures are all beautiful. And here is jinsky on your comments, I wonder if you know Barry too, lol.

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