See this Glamorgrrrrl?

Once upon a time, there was a woman who was beautiful inside and out.
She had a little baby who would grow up to be an Adventuregrrrl
who loved dogs and hanging on monkey bars and running faster than the boys.
The beautiful woman, who was a girly girl, loved that little girl to pieces,
even though the little girl wasn't a girly girl.
She tried once to give Adventuregrrl a pretty little doll that talked when she pulled a string.
But all Adventuregrrl wanted were toys like pretend bazookas and helmets and swords.
It didn't matter. The beautiful woman loved her and let her grow up to be anything she wanted.
She even let her have a dog and borrow her boots with furry tops so she could go camping.

One day Adventuregrrrl discovered dolls--real ones. Babies.
The beautiful woman laughed and said, "These are the first dolls you've ever played with."
Adventuregrrrl loved her babies and took them to her favorite places.
Like Galveston, where they played in the sand and twirled and laughed.

Of all the fun times Adventuregrrrl has had, the times with her babies have been the grandest.
Someday, she hopes, her babies will discover this for themselves!

Happy Mother's Day!!!


Janie said…
Lovely mother's day tribute! A mother who lets us be ourselves is the very best of the best.
Erin Davis said…
What a wonderful post for Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day, Adventuregrrrrl!
steven said…
wow! the places we've been. the names we've been known as. the people we are!! happy mother's day! steven
Joanna said…
Sweet! Happy Mother's Day.
Julie B. said…
Happy Mother's Day!! Thanks, also, for the stamps! You may find some that look familiar on a card that's headed your way soon. :)
Tess Kincaid said…
Beautiful post. Hope your Mother's Day was lovely. x
LB said…
Sorry I didn't get a chance to meet Glamorgrrrrl (except through your posts) but happy to have met her sister elegancegrrrrl. Lovely, all the ...grrrls in the family and three beautiful babies! Yesterday's highlight was a call from mine. Happy Mother's Day (a day late)!
Sandi McBride said…
Beautiful loving post! Happy belated Mother's Day! Didn't even turn the computer on Sunday!

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