dawg′ fe-gnu-gen n.

i. The joy of being in the presence of Dog

= Zen and the art of deck maintenance =
Back: Miles & Brubeck - Front: Thelonius | 5-month-old Alaskan Husky pups from Shannon Miller's jazz litter.
Photo © Copyright 2011 by Shannon Miller of Diamond Dogs Racing Kennel

Ohio musher Shannon Miller, from whom I was fortunate to get my Alaskan Husky pup, Ginsberg, is raising another litter now, the "jazz" litter. All these pups were named after jazz greats. Ginsberg came from the "writer" litter; he's named after the poet Allen Ginsberg; his brother is named after Jack Kerouac. Shannon has a master's degree in English and is a remarkable photographer and writer.

= Jodi's happy place =
"This was on the Kobuk river between Noorvik and Kotz. They all looked so happy on the final leg of the race."
Photo © Copyright 2010 Michael Oliver

Alaska musher Jodi Bailey dances on her sled on the final leg of the 2010 Kobuk 440 Race, between Noorvik and Kotz. In 2011, Jodi became the first rookie to complete the grueling two 1000+ mile sleddog races, the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod, which occur just weeks apart. She has said that she will only mush as long as it's fun -- for her and her pups. She was the epitome of graciousness during both races, thanking volunteers and organizers at each checkpoint, even in the sleep-deprived and exhausted state of being these races are known to create. She treasured her alone time on the trails with her beautiful dogs. Jodi and her husband run Dan Kaduce operate the Dew Claw Kennel in Chatnakika Alaska. Jodi blogs here

= A 'howling' good time =
"The bond between Dan and Keeyni was instant."
Photo Copyright ©  2010 Amanda Stanoszek

Amanda Stanoszek, Ohio musher and member of a wolfdog rescue and transport group, was part of a relay transport effort that ensured Keeyni, a low-content wolf-dog, found sanctuary at Howling Woods Farm in New Jersey. Keeyni formed a strong attachment to Dan Webster, another member of the rescue and transport network. Amanda has created her own remarkable sanctuary for her dogs and a beautiful wolf dog named Tacoma. Points Unknown blogger Linda Newman, a Minnesota musher and leader of adventure trips, talks about Amanda's kennel here.

May you, too, enjoy dogvergnügen.

* Found on a site called Dog is Good


Sandi McBride said…
Oh and I do, I do!!!
ellen abbott said…
Oh it does look like fun. but all that snow!
Rudee said…
Those are some jazzy looking dogs.
Tess Kincaid said…
dogvergnügen is brilliant
Joanna said…
Hi Kathleen,

Another great post. I've learned so much about sled dogs.

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