Take me out to the ball game!

The new Target field, home of Minnesota Twins. Play ball!

My Aunt Stella introduced me to baseball when I was a very little girl. She was the only adult in my family who liked sports and was extroverted, like me.

It was sooo long ago, Houston's team was called the Colt 45s. That's before the first domed stadium was built (the Astrodome), before the Houston Astros, and way before the retractable-roof Enron Field that became Minute Maid Field.

So, I figured it was my turn!

Aunt Stella came to visit for Easter, and the Minnesota Twins had just opened a gorgeous new open air stadium (Target Field) that's clean and green. We watched the Twins smear the St. Louis Cardinals (sorry, Card fans) from our wooden-backed seats, ate hot dogs and popcorn, danced our way through the 7th inning stretch, and hollered like banchees when the Twins beat the famed Cardinals.

Hooray for Aunt Stella, who took the bus with Mr. B and me (wonderfully, bike paths, light rail, and buses all swing right by the the field), braved the chilliness, and continued to explain the technicalities of the game to her Minnesota niece.

We all had a blast!

 Oh, yeah...we were bundled up on April 3!!!

 Kentucky blue grass in a checkerboard pattern

 Hooray for the bongo guy who also moved venues!

Aunt Stella poses before the field's facade,
which is made from stone quarried in Minnesota

I tell ya, everybody needs an Aunt Stella!

All photos shot with my sweet little iPhone


steven said…
kathleen!! what a cool aunt - everybody needs a cool aunt. i ask my students at school about their cool aunts and almost all of them have one. they rave about their cool aunts!! baseball on tv does almost nothing for me but i love going to a game - the energy, the fans, the food, i love that!!! steven
willow said…
Ooo, what a pretty new stadium! Your Aunt Stella seems like such a joy!
ellen abbott said…
I used to enjoy baseball before every game started being televised. Now they take so long, the players dawdle on the field waiting for the commercials to be over. I find myself shouting at them to 'just play ball!'. that is when we can afford to go. It's gotten so expensive now.
Alix said…
Yay Aunt Stella! She rocked the red scarf and gloves, by the way.

Oh, and that outfield? May I just lay down in it and die please?
Rudee said…
Well you go, Aunt Stella! How cool is she?
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

Ball games have never had much allure for me (I'm an armchair kinda guy!) but your stadium certainly looks new and shiny. I'm glad you, Mr B and your aunt had a great time.
Anonymous said…
What a view, gorgeous colors! Using those binoculars to zoom in on the future All Star with the handsome sideburns? Greetings to Aunt Stella, I've been thinking about her lately, since your mom's birth date. What a fun visit with a special lady!
Barb said…
Aunt Stella looks like a happy, fun Gal! Did she also like Ginsberg?
Erin Davis said…
What a wonderful day! Ballparks are magic.
Finding Pam said…
You are so lucky to have an Aunt Stella. My mom was an only child and I kinda missed out on the cousin and aunts and uncles.

She looks like she is the most fun. Thanks for sharing.
Suldog said…
Excellent! You done good!

As much of a baseball fan as I am - rabid - I had totally forgotten that the Twins were opening a new place. It looks nice.

I also remember when the Houston team came into the league as the Colt 45's, being renamed the Astros when the dome opened (which was considered an unbelievable marvel, at the time, as you probably know.)
becky said…
That's awesome! I have a cool aunt like that, too. And since I don't have kids, I try to be the coolest aunt to my nieces & nephews! :)

How's Ginsberg?!
I'm going to make it a point to get out there and see the great Mauer one of these days...stadium looks brilliant !!
Anonymous said…
thx u very much, i learn a lot

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