A RockStarSon turns 23!

Every year, our family pays homage to Lake Superior -- the little town of Lutsen,
to be exact.

And every year, two Baker boys brave the 40+ degree water
for as long as they can, much to the amusement of the rest of the clan. 

In honor of his birthday,
here's a little video of this amazing act of courage,
performed by one Erik Baker (the birthday boy)
and Sean Baker (the big brother).

August isn't that far off, big guy.
Hope living in Las Vegas hasn't thinned your blood too much!

Happy Birthday, E!



Beth said…
They are either brave or insane to go into that freezing water. Happy Birthday to your son!
Mimi said…
Well done to them! And Happy Birthday to E.
Couldn't get the video to work, but I'll come back and try again later.
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

I was going to say that maybe the freezing water would numb their feet enough that they wouldn't feel the rocks - but I see they're wearing sandals. Chicken!
I hope Erik has a warmer time in Las Vegas.
Anonymous said…
Gave it a thumbs up. Next thing you know, they'll be surfing.(They'd need wet suits for winter surfing though) Best Wishes Erik!
ellen abbott said…
Foolish children! Happy birth day to you and him.
Nessa said…
Happy Birthday Erik.

Barb said…
I'm freezing just watching them! I didn't even go into the Lake when I visited last August. Happy Birthday to your son.
Hilary said…
Happy birthday to your goosebumped boy. He and his brother are a tad nuts.. but in the good way.

My older boy turns 23 on Sunday. :)
Rudee said…
Happy Birthday, Erik. I sure hope you've warmed up by now.
steven said…
kathleen happy birthday to your boy!! i love the little film!!! that has to be cold! really really cold!!! but i love that!! steven
Erin Davis said…
BRRRRRRR! I hope they had a hot tub waiting for them! Amazing!

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