I want an Alaskan Husky puppy

If I had one, I swear I would do all the housebreaking, run with it, train it to pull a sled, love it to pieces, move to the country so we could play on snowy trails, add a few other Alaskan Husky buddies, and be very very happy.
By the way, the Iditarod starts THIS Saturday.


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Mr B said…
We can sell our house for a nice profit, find land big enough to garden and let the dogs run free. I would help you hook the dogs up and go sliding through the snow. R
PUPPIES! PUPPIES! PUPPIES! My family cannot understand my obsession. But, quite frankly PUPPIES ROCK!
Well, you got your wish...remember, be careful what you wish for. Yeti was hell on wheels as a puppy. Just sayin!
Janie said…
Since I see you're getting the pup, you'll now have to train for your own Iditarod.
Kathleen said…
@Shannon: Bring it on, baby!!!
Kathleen said…
@Janie: you know, I was thinking of running a "virtual" Iditarod...hmmmm
Jess Alicea said…

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