What are the chances?

So, I had a little iPhone that Randy bought me as a gift. I especially appreciated how idiot-proof it was. Over time, I grew fond of it. And one day I discovered that I was rather attached to it.

I came to that realization because I lost it. On the bus. I wasn't exactly devastated, but I did feel, I'm afraid, a little lost myself. I retraced my steps and I called MetroTransit lost-and-found for two days, only to hear
that it hadn't been turned and probably wouldn't be.

It took a couple weeks to stop feeling so sad about it. And I learned to work with an old phone that once belonged to my son Erik, and even came to appreciate how I could use it while wearing my winter gloves. But I still missed my iPhone, which is just so silly when you think about it.

And then....

Last week I heard from my dear friend Julia. She had just received an e-mail from friends she'd been thinking about recently and hadn't seen in a long time. They had found an iPhone--with her name and number in the contacts. And, yes, it was my phone.

The little phone had been in a snow bank a couple streets from my bus stop, along with another one that apparently was stolen. A recent thaw had exposed them.

Now, I ask you, what are the chances?

Sometimes Julia calls God "Stella."

That Stella. I just love her sense of humor.


No. way. That's amazing.

And...I love my iPhone. And I love you! And now I will sometimes call God Stella.
Sarah Jane said…
Oh my goodness! I can't believe it!!!

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