Day 10 post ice slippage

Thank heavens for pals, podcasts, pets...

Funny cards, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, pictures of babies, loving words, rides to the doctors, cheerful phone calls, homemade cookies, homemade dinners, prayers. I am a lucky lady to have received all these gifts. Thank you.

I just listened to the remarkable yoga instructor Matthew Sanford, author of the memoir Waking, talk about reclaiming his entire body after an car accident left him paraplegic at age 13. I needed to hear his message. Maybe we all do.

(As soon as I figure out how, I'll embed a video here.)

Here's what "resting my brain" looks like. That's Charlotte, the healing dog. I like what Andrej the acupuncture wizard said recently about pets:
"I think one of the things about pets is how they mark time for us. How many people comment that they got their cat right when such-and-so happened, or they've had their dog longer than their spouse, etc. And since pets are the perfect emotional projection device... well... I'll let you ponder that. "
Thank you Andrej. Thank you Charlotte.

Comments are so darling. Glad your brain is better. ;-)

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