Clare's Well moment

by Kathleen Kimball-Baker

Pulling into the gravel driveway,
dust plume in my wake,
my heart bursts
as if barn doors have been flung open
and all the creatures freed
and only love is left

Lacy greets me first--
fur, burrs, and chiding a
lazy yellow cat on the stoop

And then I say
"I'm home!" -- as if it's true

From a place within the farm house
where lunch is simmering,
a lithe figure, wooden spoon
in her hand, rushes forward
and plants a kiss on my cheek.
(Sister) Aggie!

There is no welcome like
one inspired by a saint.


Roxanne said…
Such sweet memories create the same image in my heart- you have such a gift with words and an excellent eye behind the camera lens!
Thank you for this gift today.
What a beautiful poem! If you are ever in need of some advice, be sure to drop a visit on my blog,

If you think my advice is good, be sure to recommend my blog to others!

Thank you!


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