What do peacetime, Netflix, and Prince have in common?

And on this fine 4th of July . . . 

I spent some time this morning looking at amendments to the US constitution.

Yes, I know the day is about the Declaration of Independence, but it still felt patriotic to do this.

Couple fun facts I missed during civics classes:
  • Thanks to the 3rd amendment, in peacetime, you don't ever have to "quarter" soldiers in your private home. 
           So, are we in peacetime? If not, I do have a nice peaceful guest room.
  • The 13th amendment abolished slavery -- except as punishment for a crime. Jeepers.
           I am so beginning to understand Orange is the New Black now.
  • Whew! You can still accept a title of nobility from another country and retain your US citizenship. Since 1810, only 15 states have voted yay or nay on stripping citizenship from folks who've gotten too big for their britches -- but the case isn't closed yet! 
        I suppose this shouldn't worry Prince, but maybe it explains why he changed his name to a symbol
       at one time.

Couple ways to be a good citizen today:
  1. Be kind to each other
  2. Welcome a newcomer to the country (cuz truth is most of us have family or friends who were newcomers at some point)
  3. Pray (because you're allowed)
  4. Read some US history (I'd recommend The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks)
  5. Make sure your firearms are locked away (so no little kiddies get hurt)
  6. Drink in moderation, if you're going to drink (cuz you're allowed)
  7. Jot down a few lines to an elected official about something you want to see change (cuz it's a right and a privilege)
Pip, pip, cheerio!

Image by Loreen72


Linda said…
I love the flowers flag-like design, hadn't seen it before. I'm used to seeing it done with desserts this time of year.

Kinda a scary photo in news this week, guy with rifle slung over shoulder shopping at Target down south. Not crazy about that freedom.

Nice list and I'll put out the challenge for not just 4th of July but everyday.
Linda said…
Love the new header- gorgeous blue and yellow leaves!
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