Cheek to cheek

It was a good day.
It's always a good day when I'm dancing cheek to cheek with these guys.

"And the cares that hang around me thro' the week
Seem to vanish like a gambler's lucky streak
When we're out together
dancing cheek to cheek"

Sing it Louie . . .

Oops . . . the date should be 2013 . . . oh, whatever, it's all the same, really.


Linda said…
Looks like your dance book is full! With wagging tails to boot. And a pleasure hearing Louie, too.
Hilary said…
Awww very sweet. I had to peek at the video from around my cat giving me similar cheekines. :)
Erin Davis said…
Thanks for letting us see what your heaven is like, Kathleen!

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