Not so bad, really

One last kiss, cold and white

O, weary Northerner,

Wrestle your cold feet into boots
this one last time
Glove your hands
and walk with me
We'll bring along the dogs

Now then
lift up your chin

Can you feel it?
The ping of infinitesimal darts,
the icy bites on the delicate skin of your nose
before they vanish

Can you hear it?
The squeak of boots,
enough to make your teeth itch

Can you see it?
The night that can't go dark
The billowy ground of
white, fresh as a sheet pulled directly
off a wintry clothesline
Watch as our companions
plow into the snow
looking for some moldering
stick or crust of bread meant for
the chickadees
See the silly grins on their
snow-bearded muzzles

Is it really so bad?

April, yes, but soon
enough, slush will trickle
down the sidewalks, gray and messy
Green will shoulder up through the mud
Sun will baste us sticky,
and sodden air will suck away our breath

I know what you'll do then:
You'll hurry down to the lake

You'll smell of algae,
slip your sweaty skin
into the lake's dark cloak
You'll pull your head
propel your steamy form
to the underwater
ladder of the floating dock,

all the while cooled
by the water

the water
not so long ago frozen
by our long white winter.

By Kathleen Kimball-Baker (c) 2012

Image: "Cora on an April walk" by Kathleen Kimball-Baker


Linda said…
Cora is the most beautiful dog (looks and persona) I've ever seen. And you have such a way with words! Beautiful header photo; pretty calm compared to the waves on Lake Superior on last night's news.
Hilary said…
Lovely poem, Kathleen. This winter is just dragging on. Your pooch is absolutely gorgeous.
Kerry said…
Fantastic. I love this ode to spring snow!!
Lydia said…
This poem is a glorious celebration of your amazing life! I love it.

My brother's middle son is back in Duluth with his wife, as his government job in Korea was cut. He is one miserable guy in all that snow....lots of complaining!
Linda said…
How about a lovely tulip poem!
Linda said…
Pretty new header photo- very colorful votive candles! Maybe, finally goodbye white precipitation :)
Jennifer said…
Love it! One of my favorite sounds is the squeak of snow beneath my feet. I find myself rocking my feet back & forth on small patches of snow that linger just a little longer than the rest, just to hear the sweet sound.

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