Red ball rhumba!

I have a kind friend who lets me take care of his sled dogs when he goes out of town.

It does my soul good to spend time with these delightful creatures. Especially since I don't have my own beloved THREE BLUE EYES sled 6-dog team anymore.

I just spent 2 weeks out in the country with Libby, Jax, Qimmiq, Tillie, and Lanie (who, technically, isn't a sled dog, but who's counting!) and thought I'd share a little of the fun!



Hilary said…
They're a fine looking pack, for sure. I'm glad you enjoyed. :)
Linda B. said…
Aptly titled! Amazing how fun a ball can be! Maybe a sled next time? :)
Cattastroficka said…
Amazing dogs. I can see the intelligence in the way they share and work together as a team. They remind me a lot of my German Shepherds. Thanks for posting that was a fun watch!

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