Three Blue Eyes


My friends, I am in seventh heaven.

I am now officially working with 6 sled dogs for this winter and will be running my first race in January.

Come meet my beautiful team, which includes Ginsberg, of course!

A snippit here:

Lydia  "Lids"


steven said…
i so get this kathleen - they're beautiful and handsome and cool. i cannot wait . . i really cannot wait to read your stories. oh wow! steven
Barb said…
WOW! Big news, Kathleen. Congratulations!
Joanna said…
How wonderfully exciting for you Kathleen!
Lydia said…
I admire you so much! Am blown away by this news and will take a look at the other blog right now.
Tabor said…
What an exotic adventure. Your life is rich and full.

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