Follow the leader?

A very kind musher on Saturday told me that all Alaskan Huskies go wacky in the fall, when the weather turns cool and all their pent up energy, stifled by the heat of summer, comes zooming out. 

Gins 'splains the rules to the "kiddies." Mouthy little hooligans, aren't they?
Gins and his new best friend!
Guess that's why they call running at full tilt for an hour "the zoomies."

Gins is an Alaskan Husky, a "pure bred mutt."
His buddy is a Siberian Husky his same age.

Mr. B kindly took Ginsberg to the dog park this evening as I nursed my knee
(which I am happy to report had NO pain today)
and apparently my crazy pup scared up every game of chase he could.

Gins LOVED this chocolate lab!
Thank you chocolab for chasing Gins!
"Ah, the thrill of the chase!"
He would have nothing to do with "following" any canine.
It was all about getting other dogs to chase him.
Given that a certain comfort with being chased is a quality necessary in a lead dog,
I guess that could be a good thing. We'll just have to wait and see.
Bye, bye, zoomies
Whatever position Gins falls into on a team,
I'm pretty sure he'll be wildly happy as long as he's running.
As will I.
On the sled's runners, of course.
Remember my pretty sled?
She's the one in the front
Yeah, that one! Can't wait to take her out when the snow piles up!

Here's to wildly happy times,
and may we all have a chance to get the zoomies out!


Sweetpea said…
Zoomies...there's magic in that word! Here's to them wildly happy times indeed!!
Lydia said…
I died and went to heaven when I saw that first shot! He is SO amazing! That tongue, those bright white eyebrows! These are wonderful images...leading up to the one of your beautiful sled.
That is great your husband offered you the chance to rest. Continue doing that until you are well. :)
ellen abbott said…
He is a beautiful dog. I'd be as antsy as you to get on the sled.
Derrick said…
I'm exhausted just looking at the pics! Glad you and me both were sitting this one out! Also glad to hear you had no pain.
Gaston Studio said…
OMG Kathleen, you've totally captured the joy of dogs frolicking with friends... we humans need to take lessons from them on how to let go, whether leading or following.

So glad to hear you had no pain today.

P.S. That is the most beautiful dog... if he goes missing, you'll know where to find him!
becky said…
Ah, Kathleen, he's looking more like a DOG now rather than a puppy! I love that first photo :)
As for the the zoomies.... I seem to have lost mine & could really use some of Ginsberg's energy!
glad your knee is feeling better!
Janie said…
I love that first p hoto. Zoomies is a great word, and so descriptive. Daisy has fun getting her zoomies out on cool mornings.
Hilary said…
Oh look at that beautiful baby! I love that look in his eye.. which I recognize in Benny's from time to time. Your Ginsberg is a gem!
Barb said…
Hi Kathleen, Glad to hear your knee is healing. That first photo of Gins is pure joy! He's a handsome boy!

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