Tale of Ginji, part 2

He's just tried to fold himself into my lap.
Long legs, long body, elbows akimbo,
long face, blue eyes still full of love.
I rub a spot between the juncture of his ears and skull
His eyes slip to half mast, he sighs.
Seven months tomorrow.
Such moments are rare.

He's found his voice and his maleness.
Prowl, prowl, prowl, test.
Food, females, open spaces to flex
his beautiful body, inflate his
expanding chest -- that's what he wants.
The drive to dominate everything
fuels him.
Such a primal beast.

Such a tender beast.
By bedtime, he's a puppy again
Curling himself near me,
resting his head just so.
Icy blue eyes fixed on me,
willing to obey my every command:
"Crate, Ginsberg."
One pleading look upwards,
and then he enters his den for the night.

He emerges from
this den still a puppy.
Two big stretches.
One for the back half,
one for the front half
He smiles with his eyes, his ears.
He wiggles.
Good morning kisses on my hands, my face
Big maw of his mouth on my hands.
Let's go, let's go, let's go!
Leash, plastic bag, and out we go.

But he still doesn't lift his leg.

I hope it stays that way just a little longer
But I have my doubts 
as well as my joy.


ellen abbott said…
He may still have some puppy in him but he sure has lost the puppy look. Long body, long legs indeed.
Pseudo said…
But those eyes....
becky said…
Hi Kathleen, just catching up on your blog. Oh my, Ginsberg has grown!!! Still just as adorable as ever, though! Hope you are enjoying this lovely summer...
Rudee said…
Such a sweetie-heart. You're both blessed.

Word verification: fuzzlea. I'd say so.
A Mom on Spin said…
Any post that includes the word "akimbo" is a great one for me! Loved it.
Gaston Studio said…
It's clear he has a "mommy" that truly loves him.
He is looking beautiful, that boy! I miss him! He is so long and stealth-like! And your writing is breath-taking, as always!

Kerouac just started lifting his leg, so watch out... hehe
Hilary said…
Aww what a sweet, beautiful dog. Lucky you. And lucky Ginsberg for having your love.
Barb said…
A handsome boy indeed! Who could resist that look? I feel I "know" him from what you've written.
Derrick said…
Nice boys don't do that, Kathleen!
Janie said…
He's a beautiful dog, but he doesn't look much like a puppy any more. I love his ice blue eyes.
Your description reminds me of a teenager - still wanting to be a child at times, but quickly learning to be a man.
Anonymous said…
What a sweet tribute! Don't worry, he'll have enough puppy in him even when he's 3 or 4.
jinksy said…
He certainly seems to lift your heart, never mind his leg! :)
Joanna said…
That's one sweet puppy; he looks so bouncy and healthy. My two are 8 and 11 and don't have that lithe young look. I so enjoy your updates on Ginsberg and your other dogs.
Suldog said…
I know all of his kind have those wonderful type of eyes, but his are just stunning.
There's nothing like it!
The pure love of a dog!

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