I swear I could hear his spirit fly

"People won't remember what you said
 and people won't remember what you did,
 but they will remember how you made them feel." 

- Maya Angelou


I saw this quote in a weekly newsletter published by Marcia Hyatt --a wise woman,"coaching goddess," and owner of an art gallery in Lutsen, MN, one of my favorite places on earth, a place I shared with Kay and Ron, a place where I realized that I wanted Ron to be my father-no-papers, a request he granted.

This morning, at 10:26 am,
Ron Harrist drew his last earthly breath, with his beloved Kay at his side.

At that very moment, a thousand miles away,
I swear I could hear his spirit take flight.

How did Ron make me feel?


Like family.

As if I, too, could fly.

Thank you, Ron.

Thank you,Kay.

I love you both.

(And thank you, dear friends, for all your prayers.)

~A summer morning in Lutsen~

Image 1 by Macomb Paynes
Image 2 by Kathleen Kimball-Baker


Alix said…
Awww Kathleen, I'm so sorry. But what a beautiful message and tribute to your no-papers dad. May he rest in peace and may you carry on in peace.

God bless both your lovely spirits.
Finding Pam said…
I am so sorry to hear of Ron's passing. Just know he looks down on you and smiles.

Lovely tribute to the couple that made a difference in your life.
ellen abbott said…
I'm so sorry for your loss Kathleen.
What a loving post. So sorry for your loss.
Gail said…
What a wonderful tribute.

Sorry for your loss. He gave you so much.
Barb said…
So sad to read that this special person in your life has passed. Gone but never forgotten.
becky said…
Hi Kathleen. My condolences to you & your family for your loss of Ron. What a lovely sentiment you have written.
Janie said…
I'm so sorry that you've lost his companionship, but the soaring bird is a wonderful image to depict his soaring spirit. Ron has given you the wonderful gift of his love, and I know you will remember him well as you pass on the great feelings he has given you.

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