Did they get their wires crossed?

Such bold little creatures I spotted in Mr. B's garden.


Oh, dear.
My bad blog manners are showing.
Between trying to get to bed earlier
and a bit of wildness at work
I've been slow to respond to 
the lovely comments.
Sincerest apologies.
Fortunately, the weekend 
draws near!


Mariana Soffer said…
We’re all damaged in our own way. Nobody’s perfect. I think we are all somewhat screwy, every single one of us.
Derrick said…
Hi Kathleen,

You're forgiven, this once! And to show there're no hard feelings, I mentioned you today! Get some rest over the weekend too.
darsden said…
cool picture... and it happens to us all. I miss a morning it takes a week to catch up ;-)
♥ Braja said…
OK but now I'm trying to figure out what prompted the first comment.....
darsden said…
ooh braja I see you point I missed that one
Brian Miller said…
um yeah. nice pic. a little slow myself on comment love this week. weekend won't help, on a 4 day job interview. hope you have a good one.
That photo needs to be framed. Perfect, lovely, yet hilarious:>)

Take a GUILT-FREE break, friend. There's only so many hours and only one of you. I have been in the same boat and have been forcing myself to put the household details first. Everything runs better if I can keep that organized and, unfortunately, it takes up a lot of time...damn! Where is my household staff???:>)
Erin Davis said…
You deserve a break, you prolific blogger, you!
Pyzahn said…
Here I am trolling about after a week knee deep in cobwebs and paint... and so many others are feeling guilty about not spreading the love. I'm having withdrawal pains but the satisfaction of completing lots of dirty work dissolves all the guilt.

Breaks are good for the soul.
Janie said…
Excellent macro. Such a great shot of the insects.
I have trouble responding to everyone, too. One can only do so much, so I guess we just do what we can...
Poetikat said…
Blogging would be so much better if it didn't come with a truck-load of guilt. We forgive you. Just so long as we get the same pass-card when we can't comment either.

Kathleen said…
Mariana: So true!

Derrick: Most honored!

Darsden: It's a challenge to keep up with all this great material! But so worth the time.

Brian: 4 days is a marathon!

DBSO: I was wondering the same thing!

Erin: Thanks! Didn't quite see it that way. I like that.

Pyzahn: You are missed, my dear!

Jane: Clearly, I do to. I think you have to have knee surgery in order to catch up ;^D

Poetikat: free pass cards right here!

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